Our Strategy

As one of the most recognized innovators and leaders of the healthcare industry, UHS has developed a business plan based on our strengths, experience and foresight. We believe community-based hospitals will remain the focal point of the healthcare delivery network and we are committed to a philosophy of self-determination for both the company and our hospitals.

In each community we serve, UHS continually plans for added services and delivery locations. Aggressive recruiting of top-notch physicians and developing provider networks help to establish UHS facilities as the most important sources of quality healthcare in their respective communities. Our record of success is based on remaining committed to a program of rational growth around our core businesses, while retaining the missions of the hospitals we manage and the communities we serve.

Universal Health Services, Inc. is rated amongst the highest in the hospital services industry by Moody's and Standard & Poor's.

Our business strategy has served the company well. As we look ahead, we will continue to emphasize innovation in our response to the rapid changes in regulatory trends and market conditions while fulfilling the UHS commitment to patients, physicians, employees, communities and our shareholders.